Sunday, December 15

30 Days 30 Lipsticks Day #15 Barry M TMLP

Hello there,

Day 15 brings you a little bit of magic in a lip bullet and that is Barry M TMLP. This is a lipstick which has puzzled non bloggers and captivated beauty bloggers all around.

In the bullet, this lipstick looks green but it is magic as that isn't the colour that is the end result on the lips. 

Barry M TMLP Lipstick picture

Please excuse the face, it's no make up sunday so you get me warts and all but I hope you can appreciate the colour of the lipstick.

As far as I'm aware, Barry M TMLP reacts to each individual persons lip pH which means that the lipstick will be slightly different for every individual. The colour on my lips is a bright pink colour which reminds me of MAC Girl about Town. 

This lip colour does need a little while to develop completely about 30 seconds in fact, but once it does develop don't expect it to disappear quickly. After a few hours, the glossy feel goes but you are left with a pink stain on your lips and that stain really does not budge!

Have you tried out this lip colour?

See you tomorrow,

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