Friday, December 13

30 days 30 lipsticks Day 13 MAC RIRi Woo

Hello there,

Friday 13th is upon is, I hope your day has not gone wrong. Touch wood my day has been alright.

Today's lip is one that I have put on tonight to go to a Christmas concert in Birmingham with my parents. 

My make up look tonight was a mix of neautral from the day (i.e work) and a little extra with eyeliner, eyebrows and a crease colour on the eye.. All not pictured below.

I went for a statement red lip as it went well with my dress and I always think a red lip means glamour. 


MAC RiRi Woo is a limited edition lipstick inspired by Rihanna's Favourite MAC shade, which has been released and re-released 3 times each time with different packaging. As you can see I own the version that came in the Rose Gold packaging.

It is a cool toned red, which is near enough identical to the permanent MAC shade Ruby Woo, so if you like the look of this lipstick, I suggest checking the alternative.

The one thing I don't like about this lipstick is the formula... It's a Retro Matte!! This means that it's matter than matte and that means it tends to drag on the lips during application and creates no shine on the lips ( and I like my creamy shiney finishes).

The bonus of a retro matte is that is staying power is amazing. I have friend who have said they can go a whole day without having to reapply.

What do you think of this lipstick?

                     See you tomorrow,

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