Thursday, December 26

30 Days 30 Lipsticks Day #26 YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in 13 Pink in Paris

Hello there,

Anyone else still full up from yesterday? I know I am.
Today's lipstick is a beauty that I love to wear and it is one that isn't too in your face, which is good as I am off to see family and I don't think my great aunt, who is 94 ,would appreciate a bright or really dark lip.

Instead I have picked this lipstick because a) have you seen the packaging on a YSL Lipstick.. its amazing and b) I love this lipstick a lot!

I've been playing around with my Naked 3 Palette again, do you like my eye look? 
Anyway the lipstick. The YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in the colour 13 Pink in Paris is a perfect pink colour, its not to in your face barbie pink but it isn't such a neutral pink that you can't see it. It is a lovely rose coloured pink.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipsticks are lovely and creamy but also very pigmented to boot. I love the finish you get with them and the colour of this lipstick remains as a stain even after the glossiness has gone.

The final thing I need to say about this lipstick is the packaging. There is something just magical about the tube that the lipstick comes in. It is gold in colour and the colour of each lipstick is shown in the middle with the YSL branding over the top of it. I have 4 YSL lipsticks all together and they are all truly beautiful.

The price of these lipsticks, of course, aren't cheap at around £24 a lipstick BUT when you consider the quality of the lipstick, the amazing packaging and the excitement you get whenever you see them in your storage system you won't be sorry. 



  1. Gorgeus colour!! +.+ And I love too your eye make-up!

  2. Ah, yet another lipstick that you have convinced me that I need!

  3. Color looks gorgeous on you. And the packaging! Omg, I am in love!



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