Tuesday, January 28

The MAC Lipstick TAG

Hey Lovelies,

So this week meant the start of something big ( I hope) for me as I created a tag all about one of my favourite things, MAC Lipsticks.


I filmed the tag and uploaded it to my YouTube channel which you can see if you click the video above, however I know that there are people out there who do not like to watch tag videos so I thought I would write it all out as a post as well. So here we go....

1. How many MAC Lipsticks do you own?
My current total of MAC Lipsticks stands at 32, the image above only shows 24 of the collection. I know 32 sounds a lot but I love each one individually so I'm fine with the total.

2.What was your first MAC Lipstick?
My first lipstick from MAC was Creme Cup, a nice neutral pale pink, which is a nice lipstick to start of anyones MAC collection.

3. What is your favourite finish?
My Favourite finish is the Amplified Creme finish. It has a lovely creamy feel on the lips, amazing colour pigmentation and overall I just love how they feel on the lips.

4. What is your least favourite finish?
 I don't like Frost finish. Too glittery, funny feeling on the lips, I just don't like them.

5. What is your most used lipstick?
I have two most used lipsticks, which are Fanfare and Syrup. Both nice easy not to in your face colours that you can pair with a variety of looks. I shall leave swatches at the end.

6. What is your favourite colour that MAC do?
I love MAC red lipsticks, I have a few varieties such as a orange red, a blue toned red, a darker red etc... I always say if you are on the look out for the perfect red lip, go to MAC. They have a red lip for every skintone.

7. Is there is a MAC lipstick that you regret buying?
Shy Girl. I went into why in the video so I won't moan about it again.

8. What lipstick do you think needs more recognition?
I picked two.  First up, See Sheer. This lipstick is a red toned pink, a lipstick I like to call the red for people scared of a bright red again, swatch is at the end.
Secondly I think Show Orchid needs more recognition. It is a Pro shade so it is more tricky to get your hands on but if you can find it, its definitely worth looking at. It's a bright pink which is definitely going to get you noticed.

9. If you could only have one MAC lipstick, what would it be?
I would pick Syrup. I love that lipstick so much, its a berry shade that is not to in your face, perfect for me in every way.

10. What lipstick is next on your list to buy?
You'd think with 32 lipsticks from MAC I woudn't want more... well nope I still have some on my lust list including Snob, Crosswires and Hue.

And here are the swatches that I promised you...

That is the end of my MAC Lipstick Tag, please have a go and let's get this tag going.

Lots of Love,

    Tuesday, January 21

    Guest Post: Loreal Paris Collection Privee Color Riche in Cheryl's Nude - Barely Greige.

    Hi! For those that don't know me, I'm Zoe and I blog over on my little blog, Zoe Lianne. When Clare asked if I would like to guest post for her little lipstick blog, I jumped at the chance. Thanks for having me, Clare! Clare has become a good friend of me through blogging, and she is crazy over a good lipstick or three. When she asked me to share my favourite lipstick, I did struggle a little to select one from my ever - growing collection, but settled on this beauty; Loreal Paris Collection Privee Color Riche in Cheryl's Nude - Barely Greige. 

    This lipstick line was created to share 6 spoke persons perfect nude shades, for a natural lip colour - one of them being Cheryl Cole. I am a huge fan of Cheryl Cole so immediately I wanted to buy this to create a Cheryl inspired neutral nude lip. This collection is limited edition as far as I am aware, and is available in store or online at Boots, and other stores, for £8.19. Alongside the lipsticks, nude nail polishes are also available created by each of the spoke persons.  

    "Ultra-chic and rich in iridescence, barely greige offers a discreet contrast to the skin, thereby enhancing the natural beauty of the complexion." - Loreal Paris

    The packaging is sleek and sturdy black with gold detailing, making it look a little more expensive than what it is. The colour of the lipstick itself is a very natural nude, a 'your lips but better' colour with a little tint of neutral pink. I find it quite sheer but quite build-able for a little more colour. It is a 'barely there' shade that looks natural on the lips. I find it quite moisturizing and doesn't dry out my lips, which is always a plus. Its a perfect every day colour for someone like me, that isn't quite as brave to wear a bright shade for every day. Below you can see my swatches and the lipstick being worn on the lips.
    Do you tend to opt for a neutral lip or go crazy for colour?

    Hi there, Clare here. Thank you to Zoe for telling us all about one of your favourite lipsticks. I hope you all enjoyed this post, look out for more guest posts from my lovely blogging friends who all want to share their lipstick loves. C xxx

    Tuesday, January 14

    The Lipstick Tag

    Hello there,

    So I haven't blogged from here since the first day of January. Sorry about that but I've got my butt in gear and bought myself a diary for blogging and I am going to get organised.

    Anyway! Today I am posting my answers to the lipstick tag. I have done this tag once before as a YouTube video which I will link HERE but I shall warn you I was a lot more uncomfortable on camera then.


    So without further a do, here we go the new and updated lipstick tag created by Maxi and answered by me.
                                                    1. How many lipsticks do you own? 
    I counted them this weekend, I have 79 lipsticks all together. I do realise that that is a rather high number for one type of product but what can I say I'm obsessed... I have a blog all about lipstick so thats okay, isn't it?

    2. What was your first lipstick?
    My first lipstick was Natural Collection Rosebud, a lipstick that I have repurchased many times since. It even has it's own post on this blog, which I shall link HERE. Its just a lovely looking lipstick and it's ridiculously cheap.

    3.What is your favourite brand for Lipstick?
    I don't think I could say any other brand for this other than MAC. I have 31 of their lipsticks and I love them all individually. I've even created a MAC Lipstick Tag which I shall be unleashing on you all next week.
     I feel I need to also give honourable mentions to Revlon and Rimmel too.

    4.What is your most worn lipstick? 
    As I have quite a few lipsticks, there are a few that are worn quite a lot but I'd say my most worn lipsticks are MAC Fanfare and MAC Syrup.

    5.What is your favourite finish?
    I'm guessing that if you read any of my 30 days 30 lipsticks you will know the answer to this question, I'm a big fan of the creamy lip. Think MAC's Amplified Crème finish or a Rimmel Moisture Renew and you will understand my love.

    6. What was the last lip product you bought?
    I recently bought three all in one go. I bought MAC Cyber, Illamasqua Pristine and Urban Decay Anarchy.

    7. How many lip products do you currently have in your handbag?  (Including balms and glosses) 
    In my work bag, I currently have one lipstick and a lip balm, both of which I need to get out.

    8. How do you store your lipsticks?
    All my lipsticks are stored in two places. Either in an acrylic lipstick holder (of which I have three) or they are kept in a deep drawer from MUJI.

    9.What lipstick do you use to rock a red lip?
    I have to cheat on this one. I have three favourites. Depending on my mood and what red lip I want to rock. I pick either MAC Lady Danger, Maxfactor Ruby Tuesday or MAC Russian Red... all three are equally amazing red lipsticks that everyone should check out.

    10.What lip products are you currently lusting after? 
    I have a few on my lust list. My friend Helen has made me start lusting over a Tom Ford Lipstick. I am also looking at more Urban Decay Lipsticks.

    So there you go, the lipstick tag is complete. I tag everyone reading this post to have a go at the tag if you haven't already and make sure you link it below because I'm always eager to read peoples responses.

    Lots of Love,

    Wednesday, January 1

    Happy New Year

    Hello there,

    Happy New Year!!
    So first up, I know I kind of failed the 30 days 30 lipsticks challenge and never technically finished my 30 days. Thanks to being beaten down by a cold, exhaustion and a body full of the aches, so I didn't exactly feel like putting lipstick on and take pictures of myself... I hope you don't mind.

    Second of all is the main reason for this post is just to check in with you all and get your opinions on a few things, mainly what you want to see on this blog. For this blog so far, my plans are...

    • To continue showing individual lipsticks out of my collection... just like I did with the lipstick challenge.
    • I have asked a few of my blogging friends to guest post and write about their favourite lipsticks. I am excited for you all to read these, they will pop up every so often so look out for them.
    • I will try and hunt for Lipstick related tags, if anyone knows any feel free to comment them down below. 
    • I would like to do question and answer posts, where people ask questions about lipsticks and I try and answer them... what do you think?

    Thats it for now, let me know if you have any ideas for this blog.

    Lots of Love,