Thursday, December 5

30 Days 30 Lipsticks #5 Natural Collection Lipstick in Rose Bud

Hello there,

It's day 5 and today I bring you a very special lipstick to me, not because its an expensive lipstick or anything wild but it is because it is a reincarnation of the first lipstick I ever had.

When I was being introduced to make up, something that happened rather late in my teenage life (my mum isn't a big make up wearer, god knows how I've become so obsessed), all my make up was really cheap, apart from my first foundation, which was from a brand called Almay and was relatively expensive by high street standards because growing up my skin was very sensitive.

Back to the matter in hand....This lipstick retails for around £1.90 ish so its really cheap and I really like the colour too. Its a slightly darker than my lips pink, a really simple day to day lipstick.

Not the greatest picture but I hope you get the picture with the lipstick.
 Have you tried a Natural Collection Lipstick?


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