Wednesday, December 25

30 Days 30 Lipsticks #25 MAC Russian Red

Hello there,

Firstly Merry Christmas everyone, I hope everyone has had a lovely day so far and that you all got loads of lovely presents.

As today is Christmas Day, there was only choice for colour... RED!!

MAC Russian Red

I've never been one to wear make up on Christmas Day, however I've decided to go wild this year. I'm sporting gold eye and a red lip and a touch of mascara and foundation, nothing to wild and it was simple to do.

MAC Russian Red is the perfect blue toned red for me, it just works perfectly with my pale complexion. It is a Matte finish, which isn't my favourite finish but it works a purpose and looks good so I don't mind.

I do find that this lipstick drags on application, which is something to keep in mind if you are looking into a purchase of this lipstick, however it isn't something that should stop you. If you prepare your lips before application with a lip scrub and a balm, you can fight the dragging sensation.

What do you think?


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