Sunday, December 8

30 Days 30 Lipsticks Day #8 Maxfactor Ruby Tuesday

Hello there,

Day 8 and today I bring you a most gorgeous red lipstick, it is Maxfactor Ruby Tuesday. A sunday is normally spent without make up, however today was slightly different but more of that to follow...

I love a red lip, I am a lovely of all things vintage and vintage inspired and I don't think you can get any more vintage inspired than a cherry red lip.

The Maxfactor Ruby Tuesday lipstick has a moisturising feel to it and it leaves the lips looking gorgeous and glossy. It glides on smoothly and evenly without any hint of a drag and as you can see it is a very pigmented lipstick.

Lasting time on the lips is around the 4 hour mark, which is standard for lipsticks on my lips.

What do you think?


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