Monday, December 16

30 days 30 lipsticks Day #16 MAC Blankety

Hello there,

Another day, another lipstick. Today's is another MAC lipstick... to be fair I have 30 so it was going to be a few popping up. This lipstick is MAC Blankety.


Blurry picture ahoy!! 
Anyway the lipstick. MAC Blankety is a nude lipstick and it does have a slightly browny beige look to it. Its not crazy brown, please don't let that put you off, it has a touch of pink in there.

It's finish is Amplified Creme, so the colour pay off is good and it is lovely and creamy on the lips, just what I love about that finish.

MAC Blankety was one of my first MAC lipsticks that I ever bought and it is because of my best friend showing me this lipstick that I was even introduced to MAC. Crazy really.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow,

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