Wednesday, December 11

30 Days 30 Lipsticks Day #11 MAC Impassioned

Hello there,

It's 11/12/13 today, hope you are all well. Today I bring to you a MAC lipstick, I have 30 of them so you shouldn't be surprised when one of them pops up.

This lipstick isn't the most season appropriate but its a beaut all the same.

MAC Impassioned Lipstick

The duckface continues. MAC Impassioned is a bright fuschia pink. Perfect for summer days but I don't think it would be terrible to wear this time of year. I love bright or out there lipsticks, I think they work well with my pale skin and this lipstick is no different.

The finish of this lipstick is amplified creme, which means that there is no dragging on the lips during through the application process plus the pigmentation is amazing.

What do we think?


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