Saturday, April 11

MAC Modesty

Hello there,

Sometimes there are lipsticks that come into your life that you haven't heard of on any twitter chats or any blogs and sometimes those lipsticks are some of the best.

Recently I found one of those hidden gem lipsticks and today I thought I'd share it with you all.

On the MAC website it is described as a "muted neutral pink" which doesn't do it justice. This lipstick to me is a pinker version of MAC Blankety ,which is a lipstick that has a soft spot in my heart as it was one of my first ever MAC lipsticks.

As it is a Creamsheen, this lipstick applies nicely, has no drag to it and leaves the lips with a good layer of a creamy opaque colour. 

I absolutely adore this lip colour and I think it deserves more love out there. If you are a fan of nude lip colours, you need it, if you are going to be a bride soon and don't want an overly pink lip, you need it, if you are a lipstick obsessive or MAC collector, you definitely need it. 

Overall, this is a lipstick that you all definitely need in your lives. What do you think of this lipstick? Do you own it? 

Lots of Love,

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