Wednesday, August 6

A Month of MAC: MAC Pink Pigeon

Hey there,

So yesterday was quite a nice, simple natural lipstick. Today I thought I'd mix it up a bit with something that isn't natural at all.

Meet MAC Pink Pigeon.

MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick

I absolutely love this colour and I actually bought it "blind" which means that I got it online and didn't swatch it before I bought. I don't know what it was that drew me to it I think it was the name and the hint that it was quite a bright pink that caught my eye and sent it straight to my basket and into my life.

MAC describe this lipstick as a Bright Cleanest Pink. It is so pretty I just can't believe it. It's a step down from Candy Yum Yum in the brightness scale but it is quite out there, which I like but I know it might scare some people away.

One more thing to's staying power. Once this Matte Finish lipstick is on the lips it is there to stay. I put this on my lips at 10am and after a lunch at my brother's and an Ice Cream on the beach there was a definite stain there and after a tiny top up it lasted well into the night and was still there a little the following morning (and that is after I cleansed and toned and everything)

This is definitely a lipstick I'm glad is in my collection but is it one that you would buy?
If not maybe tomorrow's lipstick will be your thing?

Lots of Love,


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. WHY oh WHY do I not suit pinks? This is just a gorgeous colour. I'm a big lover of MAC lipsticks, I have Ruby Woo and it's a real show stopper!

    Emma | The Fashion Six

  2. Ooh this so stunning, I love pinks I just wish I could wear them well x

  3. Super gorgeous shade! I've not heard much about this one!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  4. This really isn't the kind of colour that I would pick up and buy in the shop but now I've seen it on, I'm really tempted. It's absolutely gorgeous, really suits your skin tone!

    S xo.



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