Thursday, August 7

A Month of MAC: MAC See Sheer

Hey there,

Are you enjoying this series so far? I know I am.
Today's lipstick is one that I don't use as often as I should. I think that's why I'm loving the "challenge" because it is reminding me about some of the MAC lipsticks I own but sometime forget about.

Ladies and Gents... Meet MAC See Sheer.

MAC See Sheer Lipstick

I always like to call this lipstick, the red lip for people who are too scared of a bold red lip. The colour is still there but it's not as strong, if you get my drift.

MAC describe this Lustre Finish lipstick as a Grapefruit Pink. I can see that a little, can't you?

I actually bought this lipstick through a blog sale about a year and a bit ago and I'm not going to lie if I hadn't got it cheaply through the sale, I might not have got it. It's not one I grab for because I love the bold red lip and that means this one doesn't get as much use as the rest.

What do you think? Is this lipstick for you?
If not maybe tomorrow's will be.

Lots of Love,

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