Saturday, August 9

A Month of MAC: MAC Up the Amp

Hey there,

So I realised we are on day 9 and I have yet to introduce a purple lipstick. This is weird as purple is my favourite colour and I have 3/4 MAC purples. So today I suggest we change that.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce.... MAC Up the Amp.

MAC Up the Amp Lipstick

Excuse my no make up icky face. This lipstick is one that is probably going to scare a few and interest some more. Obviously, when all make up is applied it can look a little different but you get this look instead.

MAC describes this Amplified lipstick as a Lavender Violet. In easier terms, it is a light purple.  Like I said it's not for everyone but it is a pretty lipstick if done right.

What do you think?
If it's not your cup of tea, maybe tomorrow's will be.

Lots of Love,

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