Friday, August 15

A Month of MAC: MAC RiRi Woo

Hey there,

Day 15...I'm still going through all my lipsticks slowly. I hope you are enjoying this series and that it has helped you if you are debating a MAC purchase or two.

Today's lipstick is a pretty one and it's MAC RiRi Woo.

Old picture as it was taken last winter but I hope you can see the colour. RiRi Woo is a Limited Edition colour based on Rihanna's favourite MAC lipstick, which I believe has been re-released at least twice and I just so happen to have the Rose Gold packaging...which is the best obviously.

It is very similar shade to MAC Ruby Woo so if you like the look of this shade I'd head towards Ruby Woo. 

This lipstick is a Retro Matte Finish and is a very matte blue toned Red
What do you think? Is it your cup of tea?

Lots of Love,

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  1. Love the packaging! x




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