Saturday, August 2

A Month of MAC: MAC Rebel

Hey there, 

So after yesterday's very summery pick, today's is the complete opposite, it is a lipstick that I only really wear once it gets colder, when the jumpers are on and the nights get darker a lot quicker.

I guess it shows how varied my collection is that I can go from a very bright pink to this beauty. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet MAC Rebel.

MAC Rebel Lipstick

Look at this selfie, the foundation is a little too dark and I have no eyebrows... you can tell this is an old picture (say a year and a half maybe 2 years ago). Anyway the lipstick although scary in the tube comes out as a beautiful blackberry shade on the lips.

It is described by MAC as a Midtonal Cream Plum, it is the best kind of berry shade for the cooler months and because it is a Satin Finish the colour is there but it isn't as overpowering as say an amplified finish would be.

What do you think? Is this your kind of lipstick?
No? Well maybe tomorrow will be the lipstick of your dreams.

Lots of Love,

1 comment:

  1. Another beautiful shade which i've tried on and it really doesn't suit me, beautiful it is though x
    Beautyqueenuk xx



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