Tuesday, January 28

The MAC Lipstick TAG

Hey Lovelies,

So this week meant the start of something big ( I hope) for me as I created a tag all about one of my favourite things, MAC Lipsticks.


I filmed the tag and uploaded it to my YouTube channel which you can see if you click the video above, however I know that there are people out there who do not like to watch tag videos so I thought I would write it all out as a post as well. So here we go....

1. How many MAC Lipsticks do you own?
My current total of MAC Lipsticks stands at 32, the image above only shows 24 of the collection. I know 32 sounds a lot but I love each one individually so I'm fine with the total.

2.What was your first MAC Lipstick?
My first lipstick from MAC was Creme Cup, a nice neutral pale pink, which is a nice lipstick to start of anyones MAC collection.

3. What is your favourite finish?
My Favourite finish is the Amplified Creme finish. It has a lovely creamy feel on the lips, amazing colour pigmentation and overall I just love how they feel on the lips.

4. What is your least favourite finish?
 I don't like Frost finish. Too glittery, funny feeling on the lips, I just don't like them.

5. What is your most used lipstick?
I have two most used lipsticks, which are Fanfare and Syrup. Both nice easy not to in your face colours that you can pair with a variety of looks. I shall leave swatches at the end.

6. What is your favourite colour that MAC do?
I love MAC red lipsticks, I have a few varieties such as a orange red, a blue toned red, a darker red etc... I always say if you are on the look out for the perfect red lip, go to MAC. They have a red lip for every skintone.

7. Is there is a MAC lipstick that you regret buying?
Shy Girl. I went into why in the video so I won't moan about it again.

8. What lipstick do you think needs more recognition?
I picked two.  First up, See Sheer. This lipstick is a red toned pink, a lipstick I like to call the red for people scared of a bright red again, swatch is at the end.
Secondly I think Show Orchid needs more recognition. It is a Pro shade so it is more tricky to get your hands on but if you can find it, its definitely worth looking at. It's a bright pink which is definitely going to get you noticed.

9. If you could only have one MAC lipstick, what would it be?
I would pick Syrup. I love that lipstick so much, its a berry shade that is not to in your face, perfect for me in every way.

10. What lipstick is next on your list to buy?
You'd think with 32 lipsticks from MAC I woudn't want more... well nope I still have some on my lust list including Snob, Crosswires and Hue.

And here are the swatches that I promised you...

That is the end of my MAC Lipstick Tag, please have a go and let's get this tag going.

Lots of Love,

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