Wednesday, January 1

Happy New Year

Hello there,

Happy New Year!!
So first up, I know I kind of failed the 30 days 30 lipsticks challenge and never technically finished my 30 days. Thanks to being beaten down by a cold, exhaustion and a body full of the aches, so I didn't exactly feel like putting lipstick on and take pictures of myself... I hope you don't mind.

Second of all is the main reason for this post is just to check in with you all and get your opinions on a few things, mainly what you want to see on this blog. For this blog so far, my plans are...

  • To continue showing individual lipsticks out of my collection... just like I did with the lipstick challenge.
  • I have asked a few of my blogging friends to guest post and write about their favourite lipsticks. I am excited for you all to read these, they will pop up every so often so look out for them.
  • I will try and hunt for Lipstick related tags, if anyone knows any feel free to comment them down below. 
  • I would like to do question and answer posts, where people ask questions about lipsticks and I try and answer them... what do you think?

Thats it for now, let me know if you have any ideas for this blog.

Lots of Love,

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