Saturday, July 19

My pick of the nudes

Hey there,

You know sometimes you go through phases of buying a certain type of lipstick or a certain colour? Recently I have been a bit of a nude lover... yes I know how that sounds.

When I got asked to be a bridesmaid in my oldest friend's wedding, which happened last month, I went into full lipstick crazed, what will be the perfect wedding lipstick mode. I decided very early on that the lipstick would be a nude, however I wasn't sure what kind of tone nude it would be. So after much research and a few (cough four cough) new purchases, I thought today I'd introduce you to the lipsticks that got taken to the wedding as options and also which one I actually used on the day.

I thought it would be a little long if I lip swatched all 9 lipsticks but rest assured there will probably be individual posts on the lipsticks if you want to see them. So instead of lip swatches I have drawn a little heart for each. So we have six MAC lipsticks to talk about, two from Estee Lauder and a special Charlotte Tilbury one.

Starting of with MAC. I think MAC are a great brand for lipsticks full stop, I mean I have 35 of them now so I think that shows how strong my love for that brand is. Their collection of nude shades is so vast it means that there is a nude for every person. There are the pink nudes such as Patisserie, Viva Glam 5 and Creme Cup. Then there is slightly browner very sheer Hue, the peachy Shy Girl and the more in your face (but still a your lips but better nude) Fanfare completes the MAC team.

Then we move to my current obsession, the Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Lipsticks. I only have two called Desirable and Impulsive. Both nude shades, one leaning more pink (Impulsive) and one leaning more brown (Desirable). I love the formula of these lipsticks, they feel luxurious and the lid is magnetic, what more can you ask for. In fact it was Impulsive I wore on the day.

Finally Bitch Perfect from Charlotte Tilbury. Bitch Perfect, as well as being a great name for a lipstick, it is a great nude lip. It again like most of my "nude" lipsticks leans to the pink side as I think that pink tones work better on my skintone. It is a long lasting and it dries nice and semi matte.

So there are some of my favourite "nude" lipsticks. What is yours?

Lots of Love,


  1. Nice post ! Can't beat a good nude lippie , I love the look of patisserie.. Have you tries MAC syrup that nude is perfect and my fave xx

  2. NIce post, I missed which one you wore though?

    I love MAC lipsticks aswell and I have just launched a giveaway on my site if you're interested in making that 35 a 36 :)

  3. Shy Girl is such a gorgeous colour! Might be my favorite of them all :)

  4. I love pared-down lips. Patisserie looks such a pretty shade.
    Laura | A Life With Frills

  5. I'm so bad with nude lipsticks and I know I really need to invest in one! I really like the look of Shy Girl!

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  6. Bitch Perfect is such an amazing lipstick name! Love the look of these gorgeous shades :) x

    lillies and lipbalm



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