Saturday, February 28

MAC Soar and Snob.. a dream team in the making?

Hey Lovelies,

Like most people out there, I'm a big YouTube fan, I probably watch more YT than television nowadays plus I have my own YouTube Channel which I post on twice a week so most of my life is on that site.

Whilst watching one of Lorna from Scared Toast, she mentioned a MAC pairing that I had not considered before. She mentioned putting MAC Soar Lipliner underneath Snob Lipstick.I bought Soar Lipliner recently thanks to the Kylie Jenner effect and Snob is a lipstick I've had for a while but hardly wear because it's quite light and blue toned.

I decided to try out Lorna's lipstick duo recently and I liked the results so I thought I'd share it with you all.

Soar Lipliner Left,Snob Right

The pairing together leaves a gorgeous deep pinky nude, which reminds me a bit of a more opaque version of  MAC Faux Lipstick. The deep tones of the Soar lipliner deepens the pale baby pink of Snob however the blue tones of Snob gives the final result a slight purple tinge to it. I'm so delighted for finding out about this pairing.

What do you think?
Lots of Love,

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