Saturday, January 17

Lipstick Lusterings

Hey there,

If you follow my main blog, you will know that I have put myself on a bit of a spending ban for a while in order to buy a MacBook Pro. I want to be able to film on my DSLR and edit on a computer, things that I can't do at the moment with my current set up. For this reason I am trying not to do any unnecessary spending on make up I don't really need.

However this doesn't stop me from lusting after new things and today I thought I'd share my lipstick lusterings.

Most of  my lusting goes to brands I already own lipsticks from. For example, the top left and right pictures are both MAC products, a brand that I am quite acquainted with already. If you follow me on twitter (@tloatb90) you will know what I have been lusting over and that is the lipstick Faux and the lipliner Soar. Thanks to Kylie Jenner, this duo has been out of stock EVERYWHERE since before Christmas so I'm guessing I won't own them anytime soon.

Another brand I have a small collection of is Charlotte Tilbury. The gorgeous packaging calls to me every day and the quality of each lipstick is brilliant. The lipstick I'm interested in at the moment is Stoned Rose, which seems to be a darkened pink colour, a lipstick suitable for the current Jenner trend it seems.

The last brand in this collection I have tried is Estee Lauder. The Pure Envy Lipsticks have a formula like no other, they feel really nourishing and creamy on the lips plus the colour pigmentation of each shade is great. I already have three shades,however I'm looking for a red because who can have enough red lipsticks?

Finally, the brand I haven't tried, NARS. Although, I have tried other things from the brand, the one line I haven't tried is their lip products. I have been interested in the Audacious line since it came into stores however I haven't picked one up yet because I can't decide on a shade to try first. Any suggestions are very welcome.

So there you go,there are my current lipstick lusterings. What are yours?

Lots of Love,

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  1. Good luck on saving! It’s quite hard to resist makeup products. Hahaha!
    ~Pauline @ MAC Philippines



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