Tuesday, February 18

MAC Flat out Fabulous Lipstick

Hey there!

Today I thought I would introduce you to a current lipstick love of mine. It is by MAC (of course) and it's called Flat out Fabulous.

I was first introduced to this lipstick in London at the beginning of January when I went into the Carnaby Street Pro Store to try out a foundation.. cue me sitting in the chair getting new foundation, concealer, powder, blusher,lip liner and lipstick applied. Of course when you are sat in the chair you know you'll have to buy something, so I did.

Two of my purchases were Flat out Fabulous and the matching lip pencil, Magenta. Let's just say dear readers that from the moment these two products were applied it was love. Flat out Fabulous is a Matte Lipstick and is described as a Bright Plum by MAC and Magenta Lip Liner is it's best friend.

You see I had never really been one to use a lip liner, I had never found them useful and they just looked wrong, however my mind has been changed. Magenta lines the lips brilliantly and helps to keep everything in place. 

This lipstick-lipliner duo lasted for most of the day on Valentines Day when I first wore it. Meals were eaten, drinks were drunk and only one tiny retouch was needed. I was very impressed.

What do you think?

Lots of Love,

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